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Mind Body Dancer® Yoga

Marissa Wiley

Mind Body Dancer® Yoga

Hailing from Topeka, Kansas, Marissa moved to New York City to pursue a BFA in dance at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. It was in her pursuit of her college education that she met and studied yoga under TaraMarie Perri. Drawn to the supportive alignment and therapeutic aspects of yoga, Marissa became a licensed Mind Body Dancer® yoga teacher with The Perri Institute for Mind and Body, a teaching community dedicated to education and research in the arts and mind-body studies. www.perriinstitute.com.

Class Description
All yoga classes taught by TaraMarie Perri and Mind Body Dancer® teachers are rooted in a safe, alignment-based, breath-focused, mindful-flow style and are appropriate for anybody interested in cultivating sustainable pathways of the body and mind. Classes are thoughtful and detailed, educational and expressive, as they flowingly pair energetic imagery and anatomical themes. New practitioners create stable foundations, experienced yogis refine and re-connect, and those in between explore and experiment within the range of your body and mind's remarkable capacity.

Performers, please note:
Yoga with Mind Body Dancer®, as developed by TaraMarie Perri, is a curriculum specifically designed to complement rigorous performance training. Yoga postures sequenced with breathwork invigorate, strengthen and soothe students' bodies and minds. Students' investigation of their individual alignment will cultivate sustainable movement pathways, heal old injuries and prevent new ones. The Mind Body Dancer® yoga curriculum specializes in conditioning and harmonizing a performer's physical instrument with mental awareness. Building on performers' kinetic intelligence and keen presence, Mind Body Dancer's yoga classes facilitate technical advancement, creative expression and fulfilling performance experience.
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