10 Audition Tips & Tricks

January 10, 2018

Audition season is quickly approaching and in order to ensure you have the best experience possible, I compiled some tips and tricks from auditioning dancers and casting directors in NYC. Here we go!

1. Always bring a change of outfit. If I had a penny for every time I changed my outfit before an audition…. You never know what the vibe is going to be exactly, so it’s best to be prepared! –Taylor Green NYC Dancer/Photographer/Graphic Designer @greeenmachine

2. Invest in strong headshots and dance reels. Sometimes dancers can book a job straight from their reel, so it’s important to have one that’s brief, but showcases who you are. –Nancy Dann Answers4Dancers.com

3. Bring snacks! We all know how long audition days can be and I always bring my computer to get work done while I wait. It takes my mind off of the nervousness, and if I don’t even get seen, I don’t feel like I’ve wasted time! –TG

4. Make sure your resume is trimmed to fit perfectly behind your headshot and is attached with four staples in each corner. It looks clean, professional and easy for us casting directors to look at. –Jason Styers, CSA

5. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact with the panel. Walk into the room smiling, lift your head up and look everyone in the eye. Even while dancing, perform for them, make eye contact and lock in their focus. I promise they will never stop looking at you! –Jared Cutler Norwegian Cruise Line Dance & Ariel Captain @jaredrcutler

6. Be nice. There are many factors you can’t control in the audition, but being nice is never out of your control. Making a positive first impression is always a plus and it makes you feel good too! –Becca Corbin, NYC Dancer/Singer/Actress @beccacorbin

7. Approach the audition as if you were taking class, as if you were in a rehearsal or if you already had booked the job. Auditioning can be overwhelming. You feel like you have to impress or compete with everyone else next to you, and it’s true, you are there to book the job. Sometimes all of those ideas can get to your head and you try too hard or over think the process. However, I found that when I approached an audition without that pressure, I was more successful. Be yourself, know your worth, and fight. If you book the job it was meant for you, if you didn’t, perhaps that job isn’t for you at that time. There are so many opportunities; you will find the right role for you! –Vivake Khamsingsavath NYC Dancer/Teacher/Choreographer @viveforlove

8. Stay present, listen, and pay attention. If a note is given or a question is answered, apply it immediately! Do the choreography they teach. Only change it or improv if that is what is requested. “Making it your own” still means doing the audition choreography. Remaining present lets you bring your artistry to the material while executing what is expected of you and hopefully enjoying your experience! –Mindy Jackson, Director of Professional Training Programs at Steps on Broadway @mindydancinjackson

9. Networking. The best auditions happen outside of the audition room. Certain connections can really get you far, so make sure you’re prepared when you make them. Make sure you’re representing your best self at all times! –TG

10. Know a company’s rep! Study video; learn previous pieces to make sure you move like them. If they have a class, go take it and make friends. Find out where the company members take class and go take class next to them. Become friends with them. Not many people hire dancers who aren’t their friends. It’s all about that networking! –Kurtis Sprung Cirque Du Soleil “The Beatles Love” @youngsprung1

Now you’re ready to rock the room! 2018 is YOUR year. Don’t let anything stop you from reaching those goals. You’ve got this!

– Talia Putrino
Assignment Editor

10 Audition Tips & Tricks