A Letter to an Accompanist from a Young Dancer

September 11, 2014

Dear Vladimir,

When you start playing, and we start dancing, I feel like nothing matters any more but what I should be showing you throughout my body. The first demi plié is very important, it starts the dialogue between the pianist you, the dancer me/us, and of course, the audience.

Starting the adagio, from the pas de basque, I know the conversation has begun, it is not a basic chat:  “hi, hello how are you? Good and you?”, it is now me/us showing you, the pianist, and them the audience how “good” we really are. Doing the petit allegro, we demonstrate our serenity towards another and how much we all love each other.

Then comes the turning circle, this is when everything comes together. We are presenting to the audience a synchronized response telling them that we share the same dream and entrusts: dance.

The jumps are special. Throughout the jumps, we are often divided by groups. The audience is now assisting to our own conversation we are demonstrating our strength and power.

The ending is quick but very specific. All our actions and emotions and qualities our now exposed; synchronization, love toward each other, and that dialogue that has been going on since the very beginning.

While the audience applauds, we hold with you that last note. This is the good bye.

This might not be very clear (it would have been easier in French) I did my very best to share my thoughts with you.

I hope you enjoy it!

– Lilly Finkelstein, age 14
School at Steps Pre-Professional Student

A Letter to an Accompanist from a Young Dancer