A Pictorial of Life on Tour in Love Never Dies

February 14, 2018

Hey there everyone! My name is Natalia Lepore Hagan and I’m a singer, dancer, and actress originally from Youngstown Ohio. I was raised in a classical ballet school from the time I was four, and I always knew that I was destined to be on stage. I moved to New York City when I was 21 and started taking classes at Steps! That led to meeting Andrew Black, who mentored me until I landed the role of Anytime Annie on the National Tour of 42nd Street. I’ve worked Off-Broadway and at regional theaters as a dancer and singer, and I also danced on the HBO series “Boardwalk Empire”! Currently, I am on the first national tour of Love Never Dies as a showgirl, or as I like to say “ShowGhoul!” For those of you that don’t know, Love Never Dies is the musical sequel to Phantom of the Opera, currently touring the US.

Today I’m going to take you through a day in the life as a singer/dancer during a two show Saturday in Boston! Enjoy!

Good Morning from a beautiful day in Boston! I’ve been staying at a super adorable Airbnb here that’s only a three minute walk to our theatre: The Boston Opera House. Staying at an Airbnb is sometimes much more comfortable than a hotel, plus we have our own kitchen! First things first: the gym to warm up.

Making sure I start my days at the gym has become a ritual for me on the road. My showgirl track has me balancing on a large ball en pointe, so making sure my body is warm and ready at the top of show is extra important. I’m constantly stretching backstage and all the girls are doing planks in the wings throughout the show to make sure we are always warm for our dance numbers. Now off to the gorgeous Boston Opera House!

Makeup done and now on to hair. Hair in pin curls, wig cap on then microphone in the hair and one more wig cap on top before the wig! In every new venue we have a local wig crew who styles our wigs and pins us into them at the top of show. This is Vicky!

Behind the stage is our changing area or “gondola” where all our costumes are held. We meet new dressers in every new venue. We love them then we cry when we leave them. Lauren and I make personalized poems for all our dressers in our thank you cards.

First show done and off to dinner with one of our male swings, Corey West. Corey knows 8 different ensemble tracks and could be playing any of them on a given day, sometimes he may have to play two at once! One of my favorite things is to find the local eats in every new city. Luckily China Town was one block from the Theatre!

Each member of the company gets a trunk to travel with to the theater. Today is trunk packing day. Things usually found in my trunk: cooking gear, my foam roller, tons of sweaters and my plug in Jack O Lantern; because you never know when you need that obviously!

Second show of the day! Lauren Lukacek and I sit next to each other in the Gondola area backstage and are constantly giggling and laughing. When I’m backstage and not in costume I’m usually wearing my grandmother’s robe so I always have her on my mind.

Backstage we have our wig table set up and a quick change makeup table also. Lots of the boys have multiple makeup changes throughout the show. This is Arty preparing to go back to Coney Island in the second act. It’s our last big dance number! He’s usually not as spooky in real life.

Some of the ensemble ladies before bows! The costumes in this show are absolutely stunning and fantastic!

And finally our two show day is finished! Hair is out and boots are tied up for the end of the day. Thanks to Rachel Anne Moore behind me, for posing for my final mirror selfie of the day!

Most relaxing part of a long two show day? A glass of wine with your friends!!

Thanks for diving into a day in the life on tour with me! Getting the chance to perform this incredible and spectacular show every day is a dream come true for me and I’m so happy to share it with you all!

Natalia Lepore Hagan


A Pictorial of Life on Tour in Love Never Dies