Ask the Pro’s: How Do You Maintain Your Hectic Schedule?

October 19, 2017

When it comes to a dancer’s schedule, there is no doubt it’s filled to the brim with classes, rehearsals, shows, and everything in between. Just how do they do it all and still have time to rest? I talked to a few of the pros and they shared their go-to methods for maintaining their hectic schedules.

Alex Clayton, a dancer with the Paul Taylor Dance Company says that maintaining a hectic schedule is all about being diligent on important subject matters, and to fully embrace your time off. “As dancers we are incredibly hard on ourselves in every aspect– diet, outside exercise, getting adequate sleep, making sure we’re networking, etc. It’s important to work as smartly as possible to facilitate all these desires and then times that are deemed ‘breaks,’ to allow yourself to relax. Otherwise, you’ll be depleted of necessary energy when you need it most.”

He continues, “For me, I know that important matters have to happen first thing in the day. I pay bills in the morning, take class before rehearsal, and have all food necessary for the day on me before I enter the studio. After rehearsal I drag myself immediately to the gym. If I wait too long in the day, my momentum is slowed and nothing is accomplished. Then on days I have off, I do nothing. I plan nothing, I don’t set an alarm, and I allow myself full restoration before meeting another workload head on. Balance is key: work hard, play hard, and sleep hard!”

“I am a planning freak. I like writing everything down in my planner, not in the phone, doing it the old school way is better for me.” Frieda Persson originates from Sweden but has spent the past eight years working as a commercial dancer, teacher and choreographer in New York City and throughout Europe. She teaches commercial dance and hip-hop classes here at Steps on Broadway as well as at Peridance and Broadway Dance Center. “I’m also a morning person so I like to wake up early to get all of my emails and planning done before hitting the gym.”

Maria Briggs is a swing at Cats on Broadway. She says “it’s tricky, but it’s very important to find time for your significant other, friends, and family. Thank goodness for cell phones! My boyfriend is currently on tour with the King and I and we FaceTime every morning and night. They have a couple of layoffs, so we spend as much time together when he’s home. I plan on making a trip out to see him once we close Cats.”

Maria frequently goes on for Victoria “the White Cat” which is wildly known for its highly technical ballet solo that signals the start of the Jellicle Ball. “Our rehearsals usually fall on Tuesdays and Fridays. I make tentative plans with friends for the week, and then we make it official once I get my schedule on Friday night.” She says her friends and family are very understanding of her crazy schedule. “I have the best family! I just took my first vacation, and I spent that time at home. I’m very grateful to have such a strong support system in my life.”

Using these tips and methods can help you to become your best, most organized self. Plan ahead and have clear intentions throughout your day. Now you’re one step closer to reaching your goals! Do you have questions you want to ask the pro’s? Email me at!

– Talia Putrino
Assignment Editor

Ask the Pro’s: How Do You Maintain Your Hectic Schedule?