How the Media Affects Our Body Image

September 12, 2017

by Kaeshi Chai Not long ago, I was next to a newsstand while waiting for the R train in New York and I noticed a close up of Kim Kardashian’s expanding butt splashed across the cover of a magazine. I

Tiny Dancers, Big Dreams

August 11, 2017

As the new dance year approaches, we are taking a look back at our Prep 1 students at The School at Steps as they share some thoughts about their year in the Pre-Professional Program! The Prep 1 dancers, who started

Summer Study NYC: A Contemporary Dance Intensive

July 28, 2017

Four weeks ago, Brianna Hawk, a student in the Summer Study NYC: A Contemporary Dance Intensive, walked into the studios at 2121 Broadway unaware of how this experience was soon to play such a crucial role in her life as

BTS @ The School at Steps – Showcase 2017!

July 18, 2017

The School at Steps is a division of Steps on Broadway for children ages 18 months – 18 years. At the end of each academic year, the school presents a weekend showcase featuring its Pre-Professional dancers. This year’s shows were

The Creative Process Unraveled: Women Choreographers

June 28, 2017

Being a female in today’s world comes with many challenges, and as a female choreographer, women are presented with even more mountains to climb. On the evening of Saturday June 24th, 2017, seated around a row of folding chairs and