Carol Paumgarten

Dear Steps Community,

We are deeply saddened to share that Carol Paumgarten, our co-founder, passed away Thursday evening, September 24, 2020, after a long illness. She leaves behind her husband, Nicholas, her sons, Nicholas, Jr. and Alexander, and four grandchildren.

Carol founded Steps with Patrice Soriero Stambovsky in 1979 and was the shining light that led the way for 40 years. A gracious and vibrant soul, she laid the foundation for Steps to become a pillar of the dance community, a place where dancers – from the professional to the novice – train, rehearse, congregate, and dream.

Like many others, we owe Carol so much – for decades of generosity and support. She was part visionary, creative force, dedicated arts patron, collaborator, business woman, and great friend. Her expansive vision and thoughtful cultivation of artists will be greatly missed. The grace with which Carol lived was remarkable. Her passion for dance and beauty inspired her creation of Steps. An artistic soul, she infused the organization with her personal sense of style and aesthetic, creating a warm, welcoming environment dedicating to serving all who entered. Her generosity of spirit and guidance encouraged those who worked with her to be the best they could be. The magical, undeniable energy that permeates 2121 Broadway is a manifestation of Carol herself.

We will continue to celebrate Carol’s legacy, which is truly a reflection of her dream for Steps – artistic, nurturing, inspiring, multi-faceted, and remarkable in every way. A virtual memorial is being planned to celebrate Carol and will be announced in the coming weeks. Please check the Steps website at www.stepsnyc.com for more information.

Today, join us in taking a moment to reflect on Carol, her indomitable spirit, her immeasurable generosity, and her passion for dance. She will be with us every day through the grace- and joy-filled dance classes at Steps.

Warm regards,

Joe Lanteri
Executive Director

Diane Grumet
Artistic Director

Jameson Gilpatrick
Managing Director

Carol PaumgartenCarol Paumgarten and Jor Lanteri

Carol Paumgarten