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The Reflection in the Mirror

August 13, 2015

Devoted dancers from beginner to professional spend a great deal of time in the studio, where it often feels like a second home because we are within the confines of their walls for so many hours. Some dance as a

Beyond the Tendu: Looking at Dance Beyond the Red Curtain

April 24, 2015

Here at Steps on Broadway we mostly cater to the performers—to those who have performed, and to those just embarking on their careers. But look around, those are not the only dancers in the room. We have many adults trying

A New Year Anew

February 6, 2015

With a new year comes reflection and the thought that things need to be different. Well, for me the different things occurred prior to the ball drop and I find myself now able to enjoy the ride. Not too long

The Inner Voice of Pessimism and Critique – Is It Too Much?

September 24, 2014

Within every dancer lives a pessimistic critic. We fight an individual battle at keeping that voice to a minimum. Focused and determined dancers lean toward perfectionist qualities, and often become very critical of their dancing, and how they see themselves

The Inner Voice of Pessimism and Critique – Is It Too Much?