Morning Fit @ Steps



9:00-9:45am Cize Live Rachel Lauria
9:00-9:45am BootCamp Alex Cruz

9:00-9:45am Cardio Dance Tim Anderson
9:00-9:45am Cardio Kickboxing Nikki Chalmers

9:00-9:45am BootCamp Keisha Saddler
9:00-9:45am Cardio Dance Erin Kernion

9:00-9:45am Cize LiveRachel Lauria
9:00-9:45am BootCamp Tim Anderson

9:00-9:45am BootCamp Candace Tabbs
9:00-9:45am Ballet Workout Kate Stephan

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Boot Camp:
A high intensity, non-stop totally body work out utilizing classic weight lifting techniques paired with seamless transitions and inventive sequences. Alternating between weighted exercises and body weight focused movements, this class targets both strength and function; flexibility and power.

Cardio Dance:
Cardio Dance is a fun, total body workout that combines high energy, body toning exercises with easy to follow dance moves. You’ll tighten and sculpt your abs, arms, legs and glutes while enjoying some of today’s greatest hits. Get ready to move, non-stop.

Cardio Sculpt:
Keep your heart rate up and your metabolism soaring high long after the workout is over! This 45 minute workout will shape your back, shoulders, arms, and abs. Never a dull moment we will keep your lower body firm and toned while blasting fat and burning calories. Get your heart pumping every Saturday morning with LaQuet and your body will melt away the pounds.

Cize Live:
A new Beachbody dance based fitness program designed to make you sweat, burn calories, and above all just HAVE FUN. Created by Shaun T who also designed and formatted Insanity, T25, Hip Hop Abs and many more! Going back to his roots he now developed a program for everyone, where dancing is fun and losing weight is easy. This high energy and fun choreography is taught over an hour class and broken down step by step building the dance making it easy to learn for professional dancers and beginners. We end the class “Cizeing it up” to the original song its cho-reographed to, and an ab workout designed to build strong core muscles!

Perspirology is a heart pounding, sweat inducing, total body workout that fuses elements of dance cardio and full body toning to create a workout like no other. Musically driven and ever evolving, sweating will be inevitable!

Total Body Barre:
A full body workout combining intervals of conditioning and full range stretching. Using ballet movements, isometric contractions, Pilates-based core work and yoga style stretching and breathing, this class will always keep you on your toes!

Background Photo: Aleutian Calabay