Dance My Way of Life

February 19, 2015

Hi! I am Kate from Munich, Germany and I am a student in the International Student Independent Study Program at Steps on Broadway. I am very, very thankful and proud for studying “dance in general” at Steps, with its wide range of different dance styles, ie. ballet, modern/Horton, theatre dance, contemporary, jazz, tap, as well as Pilates, yoga, Gyrokinesis, flamenco, and a lot more!!

The teachers here are from all over the world with excellent dance experiences and of all ages. Steps treasures traditions of dance styles, bringing newcomers to the dance vocabulary and offers lots of master classes with teachers working on current productions and with dance companies. Steps on Broadway, on this vibrant island of Manhattan, is for me the perfect place brimming with great artistic energy and spirit.

Dancing is one of the most important things on earth to me. Back home I teach dance for pure beginners since I love to bring the joy of dance to everybody there. No matter what age or type you are, dance lifts you up physically – that is what the exercises are for – and mentally as you also align your mind and soul. To add to this the music swings your heart beat into a perfectly aligned mood.

Dance—with all its various styles— is really for everybody. It automatically picks you up wherever you are standing in your life. You learn how to use your body more efficiently and live better in harmony with body and soul.

And a little note to dance parents, who are not so happy with their children’s decision to become educated as a dancer:

Please support them mentally and financially (if possible). Because a dancer will go on his/her own way sooner or later—-if it seems reasonable for their family and friends or not —because its


Still it is way more comfortable if we could have family and friends on our side 🙂

And if the child lets it go at some point: Still he/she has a basic understanding of one of the most awesome amazing ways to educate their HEART, BODY, SOUL and BRAIN

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANCE !!!!!!!!!!

-Kate Reisser
Student, International Student Independent Study Program

Dance My Way of Life