Fun Facts from Max Stone, Dawn Hillen & Barbara Duffy

November 20, 2015


1. Originally from Dallas, I took my first trip to NYC in 1978. On a lark, and to have the experience, I went to a Broadway audition. I ended up booking it: They’re Playing Our Song

2. At a (s)low point in my career I took a dance-gig wearing only a sailor cap and a red g-string.
3. First job teaching was in Stockholm, Sweden, circa 1985. At night I danced in a cabaret as backup for a famous Swedish pop singer.

4. Approached a few years ago to choreograph for what I thought was a student film: Frances Ha (Now in the Criterion Collection)

5. Artistic Director of New York’s (possibly the world’s) first online only, site-specific video dance company, Sexy Beast NYC //



1. I came to NYC on a Greyhound Bus from Idaho to realize my ballet dreams! It takes three days traveling non- stop!

2. I love a good joke or funny story with a twist!

3. If I had it to do over I would go for Broadway! It’s soooo demanding, so much fun and you can have a girlish figure… Lol

Videography: Aleutian Calabay



1. I’ve taught at Steps for over 25 years.

2. In addition to being a tap dancer, I am a singer and actor as well. – Should I use?

3. I love to shoot pool.

Check back for more fun facts and video on Steps faculty.

Videography: Aleutian Calabay

Fun Facts from Max Stone, Dawn Hillen & Barbara Duffy