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10 Hairy Legs
10 Hairy Legs (Randy James, founding Artistic Director) is a male repertory dance company performing newly commissioned and curated works. Since their founding in 2012 they have commissioned 16 works from choreographers Doug Varone, Doug Elkins, Tiffany Mills, Manuel Vignoulle, Julie Bour, Megan Williams, Al Blackstone, Raja Feather Kelly, Nicholas Sciscione, and Yin Yue. They have served more than 80,000 patrons, students, artists and educators throughout the NY/NJ region; nationally and internationally in the Cayman Islands and Cape Town, South Africa. Broadcasts have included NJTV's State of the arts, the Meredith Vieira Show and Nick Cannon's Red Nose Dancathon. Dance Education is an important part of their mission and they provide a wide range of programs for all ages exemplifying the many facets of maleness expressed through dance to more than 4,500 students and educators each year.