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Brooke McDaniel

After growing up with ballet and modern dance, Brooke fell in love with lindy hop as a high school senior in 2016. She started at Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association with the Stevens sisters, who got Frankie Manning out of retirement, before heading to college at UC Davis. Brooke immediately became part of the Davis Swing Dancers club on campus, attending socials and performing at events throughout California with their performance team. In the school years, she kept busy training with Gary Sharpe while serving as DSD's performance team coordinator, which was her first foray into choreographing and teaching.

Alongside swing, Brooke has grown as a concert dancer, training at the Colburn School in Los Angeles, at UC Davis with David Grenke, and attending the Ailey School in New York. She loves bringing elements of concert dance styles into her teaching. You can find her during the week at Steps on Broadway and SwingRemix teaching with Spencer Weisbond and on the weekends instructing privately!