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Cynthia Vallone
Performance/Company Affiliations: Performed with independent New York and regional ballet and opera companies.

Teaching Experience: Master teacher with expertise in beginner/intermediate ballet technique and in the use of corrective therapy for the prevention and healing of injuries. Teaches at top New York City schools and gives master classes. Guest teaching nationwide. Relates extremely well to children and adult beginners. Experienced in working with people with disabilities.

Class Description: Cynthia's unique approach to ballet training is embraced by dancers and non-dancers alike, from the serious adult beginner to the advanced professional. Working internally through thought and visualization, Ms. Vallone enables students to rid the body of excess tension so that alignment can flow naturally and movement can occur freely. Steps are broken down and fully explained, so that students learn through understanding rather than from imitation. Her technique is physically therapeutic for the prevention and healing of injuries, and it provides a solid foundation for all types of dance. Cynthia creates an atmosphere of attention and caring that allows each student to grow as an individual and to develop strength, awareness, confidence, and grace.