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Dragan Ranitovic
Dragan was born and educated in Serbia, where he developed his interest in dance—ballroom and ballet—alongside a professional career in engineering. It was the dancing, however, that brought him to New York City in 1991, where he devoted himself to a career in dance, teaching international and American style ballroom, salsa, hustle, West Coast swing, tap, jazz and ballet. His first encounter with Argentine tango occurred soon after his arrival in New York, at the very time when the dance was beginning to be reintroduced as part of a developing worldwide revival of tango.

Dragan teaches ongoing private and group classes in NY. He is a frequent guest DJ at Milongas & Practicas, and he is especially known for animating the alternative tango rooms at leading Milongas in the city, including the All Night Milonga and the Tango Cafe. For the past ten years, he has conducted monthly tango workshops for the tango community of Stroudsburg, PA. He is also a guest teacher and DJ for Dancin' with Nash in Randolph, NJ and he hosts weekly Tuesday & Thursday Milongas in Howthorne, NY.

Class Description:
Why Tango? The music, the passion, the elegance, the natural embrace, the freedom of movement and expression, the lifestyle, the people who are drawn to it...there are many elements that mark tango as uniquely compelling, not only as a dance, but as a culture, a culture that often becomes an obsession.

Level 1 students will learn: Argentine Tango Posture, balance & musicality, different styles of tango, walks/turns/crosses

Level 2 will explore musicality: single & double time, Vals & Milangas, Molinete, Sacada, Boleos