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Gary Khachikyan
Garegin Gary Khachikyan ( Maestro Gary ) graduated from Yerevan State Conservatory in Armenia with an M.A. His career as a performing pianist started as the winner of an award in the International Music Competition in Tbilisi, Georgian Republic, 1977. Gary Khachikyan has performed with numerous Armenian and European symphony orchestras and choirs, and with various musicians and singers. His career as a ballet accompanist started at the Kirov Ballet, Mariinsky Theatre, in St. Petersburg, Russia, 1997. He continued his career in Oslo as a repertoire pianist at the Norway National Ballet Company, 1999. Since moving to the U.S.2001, Maestro Gary has produced CD's: " Music for Ballet Class" for Advanced and Intermediate levels, In 2010 Gary Khachikyan recorded "Ballet Music" - for barre and center floor technique, directed by David Howard ( Maestro Gary is regularly invited to play at ballet festivals, competitions, and workshops with star dancers, particularly for projects produced by Ardany Artists Management.,Inc. "Diana Vishneva; Beaty in Motion" 2008, California, " Tour de Force; A Gala Dance Spectacular" 2009, California. "Kings of the Dance " New York, 2010. In 2011 Mr. Khachikyan played ballet pianist's role in film "A New York Fairytale" (Director: Octavio Mac Niven).