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World Dance

Kaeshi Chai

Advanced Beginning Belly Dance by Belly Queen

Kaeshi Chai is a theatrical world-fusion belly dancer who co-founded the professional dance company and school, Bellyqueen, and PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment), a global community of artists focused on empowerment and social change through dance and music. She organizes the annual PURE Conference focused on themes such as love, being a peaceful warrior and the 5 elements.

Kaeshi has performed and taught internationally, and is an alumni member of the Bellydance Superstars, and Jillina's Bellydance Evolution. In addition to her years on stages from Las Vegas and beyond, from 2007-2017 she curated the weekly Djam Under Jebon event showcasing local and visiting dancers and musicians.

Kaeshi has toured her own theatrical dance shows, Journey Along the Silk Road and PURE Reflections: Beauty Reimagined around the US, Canada, Australia, Italy, Taiwan and Japan. Her mission is to develop belly dance as a stage art and explore its capability to delight, transform and empower. She teaches weekly classes at the Bellyqueen School of Dance and Steps on Broadway and leads regular teacher training courses. | |

Class Descriptions
Advanced Beginner

This advanced beginner level Bellyqueen class begins with a thorough warmup designed to work on uniting breath with movement. This is followed by isolations, traveling steps and combinations which then culminates in choreography. A certified fitness instructor and yogi, Kaeshi incorporates anatomical knowledge of the body into her teaching to guide students safely through class. She also weaves in emotional intent and storytelling to train students to shine on stage. Variations will be offered to students of different levels.

Ultimate Intro Description
Learn the basics of belly dance technique with other absolute beginners in a nurturing environment. Belly dance is characterized by hip articulations from Africa and fluid torso isolations and arm movements from Central Asia. You will learn to move your body through shapes that appear in nature such as circles, figure 8's, undulations and spirals. The 6 week series will be focused on the Bellyqueen "Ma'at" curriculum.

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