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Katie Homer
Katie is a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, and published author in New York City, originally from Chicago. She performs internationally with Mystic India: The World Tour and AJNA Performing Arts and recently starred as Liza Minnelli in the off-Broadway production of Hats Off to Liza. She has over 25 years of training in Western dance styles and specializes in World Dance, including Bollywood, Masala Bhangra, West African, and Latin Ballroom. She travels and performs all over the Tristate area, teaching about diversity and life skills through the arts. She also choreographs and performs for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and other occasions.

Additionally, Katie is the founder of an arts-based ministry called GODWAY (join the Facebook group!), which inspired her first published book, GODWAY Devotionals: Pursuing God on the Way to Your Dreams (available on Amazon). Her ultimate goal is to help artists pursue their dreams with integrity in a world that often says otherwise. A note to all artists: ALWAYS stay true to your values--even if success takes longer, it will last longer and exceed your wildest dreams!!

Masala Bhangra
Masala Bhangra® is an Indian-dance based workout, designed for people of all ages and fitness levels who love to stay physically active. Bhangra is a high-energy folk dance from Northern India, and Masala ("spicy" in Hindi) adds a sassy Bollywood flair. Class will consist of an hour of cardio dance in an easy-to-follow fitness format. Sneakers are recommended, bare feet also OK.

Open Bollywood
Bollywood refers to the major film industry in India, the "B" coming from Bombay. Most Bollywood films are musicals, filled with infectious song and dance numbers. Class starts with a 30-minute warm-up and ends with a fun combination. This is an open level class. Shoes optional, bare feet recommended.