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Keisha Saddler

Keisha has been teaching fitness and dance for over 15 years. After moving to New York 8 years ago, she developed an interest in specialized fitness. She has extensively trained and taught styles of Physique 57, YogaWorks, The Tracy Anderson Method, Exhale, Bari, Brooklyn Bodyburn, and currently teaches at Kore. While attending Indiana University in Bloomington, Keisha joined the NBA Indiana Pacers Pacemates in 2002. In 2005, Keisha was hired as a Company dancer for the California Ballet Company in San Diego, California. With no NBA team in San Diego, she decided to enter the NFL and joined the San Diego Charger Girls team in 2005. After dancing professionally in Los Angeles, Keisha took a chance on New York. With the passion for football still in her, she joined the NFL New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleaders in 2012. With years of experience behind her, Keisha directed the first official Brooklyn Bolts Cheerleading team in 2015.

Class Description:
Keisha focuses on the fluidity of movement. Exercise should make sense and flow from one movement to the next without extensive set up. Through toning and strengthening exercises one can and will get a good sweat on.