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Faculty - Steps on Broadway
Natalya Z
Natalya Z is a dancer, instructor, and choreographer based in Los Angeles. With a background deeply rooted in competitive Ballroom Dance, Natalya traveled the globe, competing against the best, and honed her craft under the guidance of renowned instructors for over a decade. Natalya's artistic evolution led her to pivot out of the DanceSport industry & into the world of Heels dance, where she saw an opportunity to infuse her Ballroom Dance expertise into this emerging style.

In 2020, Natalya introduced her unique training program and movement language to the world by establishing ZTHEORY, her dance company dedicated to empowering individuals of all skill levels in the art of walking and performing in heels.

Natalya's unique approach marries dedication towards technical precision with a mindset-focused pedagogy, earning her acclaim as an in-demand instructor and choreographer. She believes that Heels Dance must be pioneered to be seen & respected as its own movement style - with its own foundational technique, vocabulary, & values. Most importantly, ZTHEORY prioritizes a culture of inclusivity & self-reflection that develops not only high-quality dancers - but mindful instructors, authentic choreographers, and kind people. Under Natalya's leadership, ZTHEORY has turned from a dance class into a creative hub, expanding its reach across multiple states & fostering an entire new generation of artists that perform on-stage & on-film under her instruction & direction using ZTHEORY technique.