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Guest Teachers

Peff Modelski R.D.E., S.A.
Dance Training:
Margaret Craske, SAB, Pereyaslavic, Danielian Bill Dollar, Hector Zaraspe, Nenette Charisse, David Howard, Willie Burmann

Performance/Company Affiliations:
ABT, Joffrey, Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Berlin Opera Ballet, Stutitgart Ballet, Royal Ballet, original company: Fiddler on the Roof; Camelot

Choreographic Experience:
4 ballets

Teaching Experience:
29 years at Steps on Broadway 6-7 days a week, 11 years as Feldenkrais Practitioner, Sleep Specialist

Other Relevant Experience:
Run my own business, computer literate, private coaching

Class Description:
Professional Ballet Class - Universal Basics; Principles of safe classical technique incorporating technical expertise, musicality and immediate technical problem solving. Pirouettes, jumping, stretching and timing are focused on in every class