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Robert Atwood

Published in South Bergenite on June 19, 2015

Robert Warren Atwood, 63, of Rutherford passed away June 18, 2015 in his home surrounded by family and friends. Mr. Atwood was born in Ft. Edwards, Mass. and raised in Queens, NY.

Mr. Atwood was employed as a ballet instructor by Steps on Broadway, Marymount College and Alvin Ailey Dance School in New York City. As a playwright, he co-created the musical "Spoolie Girl," "Water From The Moon" and most recently "STING*chronicity." His students will miss his direction and talent.

Mr. Atwood was a proud resident of Rutherford for the past 16 years and often added his input into making the borough the community-minded place it is. His volunteer efforts included Footballs For Food and the William Center Benefit. He also penned many letters to editor regarding the trees and the environment.

Mr. Atwood loved gardening and hiking the Alps, which he did for almost a decade. Most recently he wrote a book on ballet, "The Ten Commandments of Ballet" that is being published in Germany where he taught every August for the past 20 years.

Mr. Atwood taught people to keep smiling, be kind, listen and look people in the eyes.

Mr. Atwood was the beloved husband to Rosemary Loar, loving son to the late Robert James Atwood and Carol Atwood, loving brother to sister Laura Atwood and her husband Michael Koschinsky, and cousin to James, Diane and Linda.