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Skye Montante

Skye Montante began studying ballet at Petaluma School of Ballet at the age of 8. In later years as she was introduced to other forms of dance; she found her true calling with Hip-Hop and Contemporary styles. She continued her dance through college and graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Dance. While in school in San Francisco, she taught youth and adult classes at ODC School of Dance, City Dance Studios and after school programs and summer camps. She studied abroad in Argentina at IUNA University furthering her studies in Ballet and Modern dance. While studying in Buenos Aires, she began to work at PeiMei Studios, teaching Contemporary Fusion dance.

Currently she is teaching youth and adult classes in multiple studios/schools including Brooklyn Arts Exchange, SassClass and Steps on Broadway-as well as being a guest artist at Frank Sinatra High. Skye's focus as a teacher and creator is to help her dancers find their own individual voice and establish a safe space to move. She continues to work as a freelance choreographer, creating personal projects and looks forward to her continued growth as a part of the New York City Dance community.