How the Media Affects Our Body Image

September 12, 2017

by Kaeshi Chai

Not long ago, I was next to a newsstand while waiting for the R train in New York and I noticed a close up of Kim Kardashian’s expanding butt splashed across the cover of a magazine. I took a quick glance at other covers and poor Kim’s increasing size was also the main topic of focus. Everyone, she is pregnant, so why is it so shocking she is putting on weight?
It is undeniable the prevalence of such messaging in the media indicates the public is gulping it up with both their attention and their wallets.
Why is this phenomenon of public crucifixion so popular? Perhaps it’s a quick pick-me-up or form of escape. If you see someone else being torn apart, you momentarily feel better about yourself. “My life can’t be that bad,” we tell ourselves, “look how awful this other person has it.” It’s much easier to sit on the sideline and denigrate another than it is to put yourself out there, reach for your goals and risk possible failure, or success.

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How the Media Affects Our Body Image