It’s My Time to Shine!

October 9, 2017

When I first moved to New York City from Southern California, I jumped into Steps on Broadway to take classes. I immediately fell in love with the energy of the community and iconic studios here, as well as the dance community in New York at large.

I am so grateful that I joined the Work Study Training Program shortly after settling into the city. Steps on Broadway quickly became my second home and like a family to me. Many of my best friends I’ve made here throughout my journey, and I am so thankful for this support network. Teachers and mentors that I look up to and admire at Steps have been essential in my training and have helped me to believe in myself and reach my dreams and potential. It has also been a strong platform for me to be able choreograph, rehearse, perform and has allowed me to connect with inspirational artists and dance companies that I respect.

Steps has helped me grow as an artist, dancer, choreographer, friend, and human. I am so grateful for the artists and performance opportunities it has helped me connect & create with as well. It served as a very encouraging atmosphere for me to develop all levels of my artistic craft.

Opportunities have brought me on a new path and it is bittersweet to move on in life as I will miss taking class and seeing my friends everyday. However, I will definitely be around as much as I can to dance and to connect with my tribe here. I have been invited to perform in Paris, France this October and November. I am choreographing for dance on film projects in New York & Los Angeles. I will be choreographing this spring on my alma mater dance company in Santa Barbara, CA and setting one of my works on NYC-based company Benjamin Briones Ballet. I also serve as the Video Editor & dancer for Lauren Beirne Dance Works in NYC, and I am in the process of creating my own dance company Makensmove. I teach dance and yoga in NYC… yet with all this, I realize I definitely learn more & am encouraged by my fellow colleagues & students. I strive to enjoy learning and connecting with artists everyday. I seek to inspire as much as so many others inspire me throughout life.

I am forever grateful to the Steps community that welcomed me with open arms & helped me flourish on my journey in New York City and in life.


Chris Makens
Work/Study Student

From all of us at Steps…YOU WILL BE MISSED!

photo: Jonathan Taylor

It’s My Time to Shine!