Black Lives Matter

Steps on Broadway knows the importance of representation and the advocacy needed to inspire change. We have the privilege and responsibility to raise our voice for what matters and what’s right. We stand in solidarity with Black artists who share their time, talents, and artistry with us. We will continue to work on identifying ways we can strengthen our support of the community and create a collective ownership.

On Tuesday, June 2, 2020, we participated in Blackout Tuesday by canceling all classes, and then on Tuesday, June 9, we donated all of the proceeds from the Virtual Steps and Virtual Youth Program classes to support Black Lives Matter. But, what else are we doing? We have brought together members of our faculty and staff to form an advisory committee, whose mission is to identify the changes Steps needs to make and how we can amplify the Black voices within our community. We’ve also had internal meetings with our Steps Youth Program Pre-Pro dancers to discuss race issues with them. There are already students working together to find ways that we can be a more welcoming place for Black student dancers and their families.

We are committed to doing better by educating ourselves and our community. Are you a member of the Steps community with questions or ideas? Reach out to us at info@stepsnyc.com.