Steps Conservatory Program

We look forward to having you audition for the Steps Conservatory Program. If you have read the website and still have questions or are trying to determine if this is the correct program for you, we strongly encourage you speak to the Program Director and/or stop by and take a class at Steps on Broadway. Below are some answers to further questions you may have.

Photo: Paul B. Goode, Steps with Contemporary Masters – Nathan Trice
  1. What age and level do you accept into the program?
    Students accepted into the program must be between 17-24 years of age and have completed high school or its equivalent. The program is designed for intermediate and advanced level dancers. Younger dancers please visit the School at Steps’ Pre-Professional Program.
  2. What focuses does the program offer?
    The program offers a choice of two focuses: Ballet/Contemporary and Theater Dance/Jazz
  3. Does the program provide housing?
    Steps on Broadway is located in what we call an “Urban Campus” here in NYC. While Steps does not make any representations or warranties regarding any housing opportunities that may be presented, we can act as a helpful starting point to your search. Steps has negotiated special terms with Sara’s Homestay and Student Housing Works to offer discounted rates. Another option is The Dancers Dorm located in Times Square. Click here to visit our Housing Page.
  4. As an international student, once accepted into the program, how do I get a visa?
    Steps will provide an I-20 certificate of eligibility. This, along with other required documentation, must be taken to your local US Embassy to process your M-1 student visa. Please refer to the International Student Guide for more information.
  5. What happens if I don’t meet my requirements or follow school policies?
    All students are required to maintain proper etiquette in the classroom and on the premises, and meet their program requirements. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the program.
  6. What if I am sick or injured or have a reason for not taking class?
    Please bring in a note from a qualified health professional (doctor, acupuncturist, physical therapist, etc.) and fill out a Medical Excuse form with the Program Director.

    We understand that sometimes events beyond your control may affect your attendance. Please notify the Program Director immediately if there is a personal situation making you unable to fulfill your program requirements. Communication is critical to working out a solution.