Summer Study NYC: Contemporary & Theater Dance Intensives

Summer Study NYC Final Performance, 2013

To audition you must complete your program application through Acceptd by May 1, 2021. We are currently accepting video auditions for all programs or sign up by February 15 for our March 6 virtual audition.

Acceptd Application Instructions:

  1. Select Summer Study NYC under programs
  2. Choose either live/video audition
  3. If live audition through class observation, use calendar to request audition date. Please note: Class fee(s) must be paid in addition to the application fee. {class auditions suspended until further notice}
  4. If live through Steps onsite audition / zoom audition, a completed application must be submitted before the audition date.
  5. Requirements for video audition include:
    • Technique section: Demonstrate plies, tendus, adagio, pirouettes, petit, and grand allegro on both sides.
    • Artistry section: Solo in your preferred style; no more than 3 minutes
    • Vocal video if selecting Theater/Jazz session: 16-32 bars if applicable or “Happy Birthday” if you’re a beginner/have no experience singing

Click here to submit application through Acceptd

Consideration is based on merit and need. Those requesting financial aid will be asked to present financial documentation.

All students are expected to have health insurance for the duration of study. Enrolling in Steps’ group health plan is available for international students upon request.

Notification of acceptance, via Acceptd messaging portal, will occur within two weeks of receiving your completed application/audition. All students will attend orientation.

International Students are welcome to attend on a tourist visa or by obtaining an ESTA visa waiver. Students should have a working knowledge of the English language as course work is taught in English. For further information, please contact the Director of Professional Training Programs.