Studio / Size Rates:
Main Floor (3rd):
Studio 1 (marley) 38 x 17 $45
Studio 2 (marley) 50 x 39 $80
Studio 3 (marley) 46 x 42 $80
Studio 4 (wood) 39 x 16 $40
Studio 5 (marley) 42 x 27 $62
2nd Floor:
Annex 1 (marley) 32 x 42 $65
Annex 2 (wood) 27 x 41 $62
4th Floor:
Loft 1 (marley) 15 x 39 $40
Loft 2 (marley) 31 x 28 $55
Loft 3 (marley) 47 x 31 $75
Loft 4 (marley) 38 x 30 $62

The above rates are for rehearsals and private lessons only. Private lessons consist of a maximum of 2 students.

Non-profit rates are available with proper documentation from the I.R.S. or fiscal sponsor.

No food, drinks (besides water) or Street Shoes are allowed in the studio space.

Rentals specifically for photo and video shoots may be booked under special circumstances if approved by management, may require an additional fees depending on the time and size of the shoot.

Audition Rates: An administration fee of $30 will be added to the pricing of the studio for auditions. This will include the listing of your audition on the Step’s website. You may be asked to rent a holding room before your audition at the rehearsal rate.

Rental availability is quarterly (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec). Booking begins on the 15th of the last month of the quarter. (Example, Apr-Jun availability opens up on March 15th)

A credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) must be on file to secure the rental and payment must be made before occupancy. Please visit the front desk located on the 3rd floor for payment and directions to the studio. If a payment is not made, your card will be charged by end of day.

A 48-hour cancellation policy is in effect. Your credit card will be charged if you do not cancel within this time period. Refunds will not be issued.

To reserve a studio or for more information contact Operations