Tales from 406 – Part 4

August 7, 2015

Welcome back to Tales from 406 – second half of the summer edition! In addition to the ever present humidity, summer has also brought us lots of new faces here at the studio. Unsurprisingly, summer is a busy time not only due to two summer intensives (one at the School at Steps and one at Steps on Broadway) but for groups as well. August is turning out to be an international-palooza with groups here from Israel, Italy, France, Germany, and Argentina amongst other countries. I should really start brushing up on my languages….

My favorite part about the summertime at Steps is the Contemporary Masters series. Prior to working here, I wasn’t super familiar with contemporary dance and considered myself more of a bunhead. It’s been really interesting for me to observe the different styles of all the masters week to week (from the side lines, mind you, I’m not ready to put on booty shorts yet). Naively, I didn’t think there would be that much variation from week to week but it’s been enlightening hearing the masters talk about how they approach the movement and different ways to use the space. I’m taking these lessons into account when I take classes – to remain mindful that dance isn’t just about the steps, it’s about the artistry you put into it.

Another highlight of summer that I’m personally excited about is our new social media policy! We have lifted the veil of privacy (at least in the hallways) to encourage the Steps community to engage with us online and show us what you got! Our selfie contest ends on Sunday, August 9 so get to it, dancers. Show us why you love Steps and win free classes!

-Caitlin Gilette
Marketing & Programs Coordinator

Photo: Kevin Richardson; courtesy of Euronews.com
A dancer poses for a photograph as part of the “Dance as Art” photo project in Times Square in New York City. The project is a celebration of dancers and their place in the New York experience. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Tales from 406 – Part 4