The City that Never Sleeps (and Never Stops Dancing)

July 30, 2015

Hello! My name is Kelly, I am 19 years old from the Northern Virginia-DC area. I am a sophomore at Radford University in southern Virginia, getting my Bachelor of Sciences degree in Dance. I have always wanted to teach kids, I want to help them reach their full potential and know that just because it is a hard business does not mean it is impossible. While I have a love for teaching I also have a love for being taught. I enjoy taking classes from professors and seeing how they do it, seeing what it is they do that makes them a successful teacher. Being at Steps on Broadway has helped me achieve just that; I have taken a wide variety of classes from many different teachers and each of them teaches a little differently. Not one teacher is the same, similar maybe, but never exactly the same; they all have their own unique style and ability.

As I come to the end of my second week of SSNYC, I am thrilled to tell you all about my experience so far. By this point we are all feeling pretty settled, we have the schedule down, the fast pace of NYC perfected, and of course the subway system memorized. All of us dancers in second session are from everywhere- Cincinnati, Paris, Norfolk, Georgia, Miami, and DC. But now we are regular New Yorkers. Now that I am here and have been living here for over two weeks, I am realizing several things about New York City.

My biggest realization is that I was totally wrong. I came here with the idea that everyone and everything was do or die. Kind of like on the reality TV show, “Americas Next Top Model”, when the models come on the show and say “I’m not here to make friends,” but it is not like that at all. Most people in this city are not originally from the city, at one point they were you and they were me, they packed up their stuff and left normalcy to fulfill some goal or dream. And the same thing goes for everyone at Steps.

While New York is definitely hard core and everyone is here to achieve something, it is still just a bunch of people on a journey. This city is a collection of people from every where, all ages and races, and at Steps, of all different dance backgrounds. That is probably my favorite part about Steps. I started dancing late – when I was 13 – and although I have come a long way since then, I have always felt like the only kid who did not come out of the womb with a pair of ballet slippers on. But at Steps that does not seem to matter, being a beginner does not feel shameful; an art is still an art whether you have been apart of it for 12 years or two minutes.

At Steps, my horizons have widened well beyond anything I have ever imagined. I have been dancing and connecting with people who do not even speak the same language as me; I love that, the way movement is universal… no language needed. Everyday I learn something new; everyday I am inspired more than I was the day before. And that is the whole goal, to be better than the person I was yesterday… not just as a dancer but as an artist and a human. I ca not wait to continue growing for yet another two weeks, because I know each day holds a new lesson and adventure!

– Kelly Noah
Summer Study NYC Student

The City that Never Sleeps (and Never Stops Dancing)