Tiny Dancers, Big Dreams

August 11, 2017

As the new dance year approaches, we are taking a look back at our Prep 1 students at The School at Steps as they share some thoughts about their year in the Pre-Professional Program!

The Prep 1 dancers, who started the year as 7-year-olds, have turned 8, and have celebrated as a community. Each week, they pull their hair back in buns, put on their light pink leotards and enter their studio to dance with Miss Jennifer. They are a small group who care about each other. They have become close friends, laugh together and support each other when things don’t always go so well in various aspects of their lives. They were very excited for their first Steps Showcase. The dancers provided these quotes to share with the mentors, teachers and the Steps community:

“Ballet is great. It’s like my feet are dreaming on the floor.” – Francesca

“I’m excited to see the surprise costumes!” – Ava

“I love to perform. Part of why I am in the pre-professional program is because I’ve been looking forward to the showcase!” – Liza

“Watching all the big girls dance really inspires and gets us trying to do the same moves. Perhaps if we work really hard, maybe one day we’ll do it!” – Evie

“I like dancing because it’s so fun and happy. I can’t wait to dance in front of all the people.” – Ariel

“When I’m on stage, I feel so lighthearted and happy and joyful! I really want to be like all the famous dancers such as Misty Copeland and Margot Fonteyn one day!” – Evie

“Hey! Try not to miss it! It’s fun!!!” – Audrey

We are very excited to begin the new dance year. Follow @SchoolatSteps on all social media platforms for updates and announcements!

Written & Quotes Compiled by:
Valerie Gerstein
2016-2017 Prep I parent

Tiny Dancers, Big Dreams