photo: Paul B. Goode

How many Work/Study positions are there?
Steps is staffed on average by 120 Work/Study students from all over the world.

What kind of positions are available?
Students are assigned a position appropriate to their experience and skills including Front Desk Reception/Cashier, Phone Desk, Boutique/Cafe Attendant, Night Shift Maintenance, and other miscellaneous administrative positions.

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What is the process to leave the program after the initial 12 weeks?
Most Work/Study students remain active for four to six months at a time, and many return between jobs. Written notification must be filed with the Work/Study Manager three (3) weeks prior to departure.

What is the procedure to return to the program?
Former Work/Study students are always welcomed back as long as they are in good standing (see leaving the program). Please email the Work/Study Manager.

Are there any other fees involved?
Besides the initial application fee, a one-time $25.00 membership fee is due on your scheduled start date. If the student is not placed or available only the membership fee is refundable.