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World Dance

Kelly Lettieri

Beginning Tango

Open Tango

After years of teaching and touring in musical theater, Kelly attended her first Argentine Tango class. She was instantly hooked and her professional training began almost immediately. Under the guidance of Claudio Asprea, she has come to train with some of the world's top names in Tango. Based in NYC, Kelly has in turn trained dance professionals, choreographers, and instructors from around the world, including the US, Argentina Brazil, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Sweden, India, Israel, Georgia, Iran, Korea, and Russia.

Kelly has performed with Claudio Asprea, Metin Yazir, and Rodrigo Ramalho. She currently dances with Diego Gorostiaga, with whom she competed in the Mundial, the World Championship of Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires this past August, and is preparing to compete in the US National Championships in March.

Class Description
Argentine Tango is an improvisational dance form which originated in Buenos Aires in the first half of the 20th century. In the years since its origin, Argentine Tango has evolved to become a worldwide phenomenon. Though popular exposure to Tango is often through stage and screen, it can also be found every night in cities around the globe at Milongas, or socials dedicated to the dance. At Milongas, complete strangers can dance together using the vocabulary of Argentine Tango. This emphasis on true leading and following greatly improves partnering and improvisational skills in any genre of dance.

Open Tango begins with a series of technical exercises that enhance individual balance, speed, and control. This solo technique provides a foundation that allows leaders and followers to connect to each other and express themselves to the music. The second half of the class introduces Tango elements and figures that are danced within a partnership. No partner is required. Wear shoes that you can pivot in; rubber soles are not recommended.